Source code

Some small programs or libraries that I coded.


Transliteration profile iconv

transliteration_profile_iconv is a library that brings a variant of iconv that does encoding conversion with or without transliteration stricto sensu. It operates on the principle that a simple encoding conversion is already transliteration at the level of octets/bytes. The goal of this library is flexibility because almost everything is parametrable in a file called a transliteration profile.

Libiconv cannot be as flexible and iconv in glibc is almost as flexible for standard uses, but with the big constraint that you must use a dedicated locale. This can create a tight coupling that is a problem when you must keep a locale for user messages and at the same time convert in another encoding for an export. transliteration_profile_iconv does not suffer from this coupling problem but its more general architecture is less performant.

The source code is available on GitHub: here.



TSODLULS is a library for linear? time sorting (cf. my article).

The source code is available on GitHub: here.

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